Hotel:  The Sheraton at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro is the site of the 2019 Worlds Championships.  To receive the feis rate, please call the hotel 800-242-6556, option 1.  The rate is not available on-line.  Please ask for the Connick Carolina Feis rate.

Adjudicators: Lexa Hickey (New Jersey), Pat Hall (Arizona), Mary Lucy McCarthy (Ireland), Linda Reynolds (Ireland), Maura Gray (Connecticut), Francis Curley (Ireland), Mary McGinty (Tennessee), James McCutcheon (Scotland)

Musicians:  Mike Shaffer, Brian Glynn, Chris McLoughlin

Syllabus 2018
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2018 Dance Rules and Program Info
Feis Food Options

Joseph’s Breakfast Buffet(Full Service Restaurant)

Lunch Special Joes Saturday

Dinner Special Joes Saturday

Skylite(Grab and go)